Provide free wellness centers and care for Americans addicted to harmful drugs. 

Expand access to homeless shelters and increase the construction of new public housing. 

Enforce vagrancy laws to reduce crime rates and improve public sanitation on sidewalks.

Designate certain areas for tent cities in order to clear public sidewalks. 

Increase the number of available beds at Mental Health clinics for those suffering severe mental illness. 

"Unfortunately, America has the largest drug crisis in the World.

About 1/3rd of our homeless population are drug addicts and choose to live on the streets.

Many of the addicts’ refuse housing even when offered because they refuse to rehabilitate.  At some point we are going to have to stop allowing these drug addicts from taking over our BART stations and sidewalks.  Needles are unsanitary and it is unsafe to have to step over addicts on your way to work." 

​Jeanne Solnordal

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Paid for by Jeanne Solnordal for California State Assembly District 15. FPPC #1423610